History of oil & gas production from shale in pictures & charts: why US shale will crash and UK will fail

With fracking about to recommence in the UK after 8 years, a review of progress and prospects is in order. To understand why this latest fiasco in British energy policy and wider society has come about, it is necessary to go right back to the beginning, around 2006, when fracking began in earnest in American shale ….and a multi-hundred-billion-dollar doomed-to-burst debt bubble began to build.

I hope this blog/slideshow will be useful. As ever, please use / adapt any way you want. The original powerpoints of this and future compilations will be available free, as many have requested, here.


  1. Jeremy

    Most impressive.

    You might like to consider what happened to fracking in Poland, where a decade ago every oil major piled in when the geologists declared that it was as good a bet for fracking as the UK; the then-Donald Tusk government abandoned every relevant environmental rule; and a veritable bonanza was projected.
    When Michael Fallon was energy minister in 2012, there was a big Anglo-Polish conference in London on fracking’s enormous potential- no contrary voices permitted.
    Actual result- as of now, all the majors(Chevron, Exxon Mobil etc) have quit, citing complete unprofitability, and now even the Polish start-ups are abandoning any pretence.
    One unfortunate result: All this has turned the current Polish government even more into a stalwart defender of coal. But given methane leakage rates, that might even be (just) preferable….

  2. Hello Jeremy,

    The slide show doesn’t work in Firefox 61.0.1 under OS X 10.11.6. It does work in Safari 11.1.2, same OS.

    I tried the download but the address produces the dreaded 404 error. I can’t copy the address out of the slide. What’s that character after the J? Shift-backslash (|)? What about after bUP: is that O or 0 ? Neither works.

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