The Race of Our Lives: A summary of Jeremy Grantham’s note to investors, in pictures and charts

A precis of the recently-updated 35 page classic note by the investment legend, aiming to be readable in minutes. Subject: climate change meets population meets soil meets agriculture, meets other problems …..and implications for both investors and the rest of us.

The original paper is a read of >1 hour. I am hoping, therefore, that this blog/slideshow will be a useful supplement …and importantly an inducement to read the original paper.

The original Jeremy Grantham paper can be downloaded here.

The powerpoint version of this summary can be downloaded here.




  1. I now have found out how to view the presentation files and would like to rejoin the e-mail list.

  2. it is helpful to see things in graphical forms. Good choice of significant measures, ie. change in drought mortality, etc

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