“Why Facebook is losing the war on hate speech in Myanmar”: a bombshell Reuters investigation

Reuters uncovers more than a 1,000 posts attacking the Rohingya and other Muslims. Facebook has failed to fix a problem Zuckerberg promised to 4 months ago.

The details make shocking reading. For example: “Even now, Facebook doesn’t have a single employee in the country of some 50 million people.”

The Guardian/s Olivia Solon comments on the Reuters work: “This is the latest in a series of strategic mishaps as the social network blunders its way through the world like a giant, uncoordinated toddler that repeatedly soils its diaper and then wonders where the stench is coming from. It enters markets with wide-eyed innocence and a mission to “build [and monetise] communities”, but ends up tripping over democracies and landing in a pile of ethnic cleansing.”

Image: screenshot from Reuters website

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