Heatwaves are proving Mrs Thatcher was right on global warming 30 years ago: a former Tory leader in the Mail

“Margaret Thatcher, in whose government I served, is unique among prime ministers in having had a science degree”, writes Michael Howard.

“Thirty years ago next month, she gave a speech to scientists of the Royal Society. There was a danger, she said, that ‘we have unwittingly begun a massive experiment with the system of this planet itself’. ….This summer has shown that Margaret Thatcher was correct. We are conducting an experiment with the atmosphere and it is a dangerous one. It is only right that we permit the experiment to proceed no further, by eliminating greenhouse gas emissions as soon as we can.”

What are the right-wing deniers to make of this erosion of patience?

For detail of Mrs Thatcher’s role, please see the first chapter of The Carbon War.

Image: screenshot from Independent interview

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