“Big Trouble Brewing At The Bakken: Rapid Rise In Water Production Signals Red Flag Warning”

SRSrocco Report: “While oil production in the Bakken has reversed since it bottomed in 2016 and increased over the past few years, so has the amount of by-product wastewater.  Now, it’s not an issue if water production increases along with oil.  However, it’s a serious red flag if by-product wastewater rises a great deal more than oil. And… unfortunately, that is exactly what has taken place in the Bakken over the past two years.”

…”The companies producing shale oil in the Bakken had to dispose of 268 million barrels of by-product wastewater in just the first half of the year.  I have spoken to a few people in the industry, and the estimate is that it cost approximately $4 a barrel to gather, transport and dispose of this wastewater.  Which means, the shale companies will have to pay an estimated $2.2 billion just to get rid of their wastewater this year.”

…“The U.S. Shale Industry is in serious trouble.  Most of the shale fields have reached a peak …I forecast a rapid disintegration of the industry.”

Image: from article

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