Cornell Professor Anthony Ingraffea explains why frackers’ plans threaten America’s water supply

Current wells use 10 to 30 million gallons, he tells ThinkProgress. A million more wells are planned in the next 20 years. That means trillions of gallons.

“Shale gas/oil is exchanging absurd volumes of water for absurd volumes of fossil fuels at a time where using the latter is jeopardizing the availability of the former.” At the same time, fracking “is exchanging precious volumes of water usable for drinking and farming for toxic volumes of wastewater most of which has to be transported and injected underground,” at grave risk to underground sources of drinking water. Finally, “most of what is not transported and injected stays underground, an exchange of H2O for CO2.” Therefore, almost all of what arrives at a well is forever lost to the water cycle.”

Image: YouTube screenshot

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