Continent-wide ban on halogen lightbulbs begins in Europe 1st Sept, slashing emissions & energy bills

LEDs consume five times less energy than halogen bulbs and their use will prevent >15m tonnes of carbon emissions a year, an amount equal to Portugal’s annual electricity usage. Consumer savings = c.£112 p.a., Philips estimates.

The Guardian reports: “The average British home has about 10 halogen lamps and uses each lightbulb for around three hours a day, according to government figuresfrom 2012. The emissions cost is staggering. Buildings account for about 40%of our energy consumption – and lighting currently accounts for around 15% of that. That gives it a carbon footprint higher than aviation and shipping combined.

If this can happen to an entire class of product, after nearly 60 years of mostly great commercial success, could it not happen to fossil fuels?

Of course, UKIP and Brexiteers oppose this “meddling” by Brussels. They argue for consumer “freedom of choice”.

Image: EnergyWise

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  1. The piece says “[lighting has] a carbon footprint higher than aviation and shipping combined”. This type of comparison should be on per capita basis.

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