University researchers demonstrate how easy hacking a robot is, taking over movement & speech

“A serious security problem is looming over robotics” Wired reports. Meanwhile developers are rushing to market without considering it.

Researchers at Brown University successfully hack into a robot at the University of Washington via a commonly-used web-linked Robot Operating System.

Brian Gerkey, CEO of Open Robotics: “When we started work on ROS over 10 years ago we explicitly excluded security features from the design. We wanted the system to be as flexible and as easy to use as possible and we didn’t want to invent our own security mechanisms and potentially get them wrong.”

George Clark, of the University of South Alabama: “No one’s really thinking about security on these types of things,” says computer scientist “Everyone’s just putting things out there trying to rush to market, especially in a research type of environment. My worry is how this carries over to a more industrial or consumer market.”


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