Facebook targets 100% renewable electricity by end 2020, joining Ikea & Citigroup despite soaring demand

In 2017 the company used 2.46 TWh of electricity, up 34% from 2016 and more than enough for all the homes in Vermont.  51% came from renewable energy power purchase agreements.

The FT reports that “since signing its first contract for wind power in 2013, Facebook has done deals for more than 3 gigawatts of renewable electricity, and 2.5GW of that in the past 12 months. Most of its contracts are in the US, in states from Vermont to New Mexico, but it has also signed deals in Ireland, Denmark and Sweden. Corporate purchasing of renewable electricity has been soaring this year, with companies including AT&T, Walmart, Microsoft and Apple signing deals for a total of 3.86GW of capacity, already exceeding the 2.89GW contracted in the whole of 2017.”

Image: from article

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