MPs publish a withering verdict on Facebook, Cam. Analytica, Russia …and infer Brexit vote may be illegal

After an 18 month deep dive, the DCMS select committee has a far-reaching list of recommendations . And big questions remain. So Carole Cadwalladr reports in the Guardian.

“Recommendations include:

-“Clear legal liability” for tech companies “to act against harmful and illegal content” with failure to act resulting in criminal proceedings.
– Full auditing and scrutiny of tech companies, including their security mechanisms, and full algorithm auditing. Strengthen the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). Impose a levy on tech companies operating in the UK to pay for it. The Competition and Markets Authority should investigate fake profiles and advertising fraud.
– A ban on micro-targeted political advertising to similar audiences.
– A “new category of tech company” to be formulated which “tightens tech companies’ liabilities and which is not necessarily either a ‘platform’ or ‘publisher’”.
– Sweeping new powers for the Electoral Commission and a comprehensive overhaul of existing legislation that governs political advertisements during elections.
– A further demand for Mark Zuckerberg “to come to the committee to answer questions to which Facebook has not responded adequately to date”.
– A code of ethics that all tech companies will agree to uphold.”

And much more. This article is a must read for those seeking a blueprint for action.

Image: The Conservative Party


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