LinkedIn struggles to contain a “super-aggressive” effort by China to recruit spies in US using fake accounts

The targets are people with access to confidential information. German and British security agencies have reported similar Chinese campaigns, the FT reports.

Global cyberwar treaty urgently needed now please, world leaders. As called for by the former head of UK’s GCHQ Richard Hannigan.… Otherwise I fear you are going to cause e.g. “mistake” nuclear weapons launches.

For those who thank that is not possible, see:

AI increases risk of nuclear war because of risk of hacking of military communications in time of crisis. So argues a report by the RAND Corporation, based on expert workshops that it convened. “Mutually Assured Destruction” policy requires rapid response, and militaries may be tempted to use AI.

US plans to loosen constraints on nuclear weapon use and develop more ‘usable’ warheads. The leak of policy review shows a return to the first-strike thinking of the Reagan years.

Image: Reuters video screenshot

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