UBS finds that only 39% of world’s High Net Worth Individuals have >1% of their assets invested ethically

UBS: Americans are worst at 12%. British second worst at 20%. Chinese are at 60%. HNWIs defined as those with $1m (£760,000) in investable assets.

Nick Tucker, head of the UK for UBS Global Wealth Management: “It is disappointing to see the UK lagging behind other markets in the pursuit of sustainable investments. However,the growing momentum among UK investors considering this investment route is undeniable. We are increasingly having conversations with clients, across generations, about how they can best build sustainable investing into their portfolios. We’re now at a pivotal moment where increasing investor interest in sustainable investing and an increasing number of available and suitable products are coming together. We expect the UK market to play catch up as this plays out.”

Image: UBS advertisement

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