“We definitely have the power to shut down power grids”: RUSI analyst on UK cyber war capabilities

This of existing capabilities, on the eve of a new UK cyber war unit being set up, with >2,000 staff and a budget of hundreds of millions.

FT: ” Analysts said the UK was one of the most effective players in cyber warfare, even without the proposed new unit.
“I believe technically the UK is one of the world’s top four or five cyber powers,” said Ewan Lawson, analyst at the Royal United Services Institute, a think-tank, and a former military officer responsible for developing the UK’s cyber warfare capabilities. “We definitely have the power to shut down power grids.”
“However, so little is known about the UK’s cyber capabilities and past operations that it is almost impossible to fully assess how Britain compares with its adversaries as well as allies including the US and France.”

This begs the question of who leads who follows in an arms race? In the Cold War, it was often NATO that led.

Image: screenshot from film “Do you trust this computer?”

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