How the ultra-rich could save the world, if they wanted to, in 22 pictures and charts

Recent compilations of wealth show staggering record inequality, and miniscule engagement by the richest in socially-responsible investment. This presentation explores the potential this mismatch entails for bankrolling a viable future.

The slideshow is derived, as ever, from entries in the Future Today chronology. Those who would like the original powerpoint, with source urls as notes, can find it – with all the other source files, for free use – in .


  1. Jeremy, Jed Emerson posted this on Linkedin As you describe yourself as a social entrepreneur, I wanted to share this paragraph from our own work in social enterprise. It comes from our research into childcare reform in Ukraine:

    “Excuses won’t work, particularly in light of a handful of oligarchs in Ukraine having been allowed to loot Ukraine’s economy for tens of billions of dollars. I point specifically to Akhmetov, Pinchuk, Poroshenko, and Kuchma, and this is certainly not an exhaustive list. These people can single-handedly finance 100% of all that will ever be needed to save Ukraine’s orphans. None of them evidently bother to think past their bank accounts, and seem to have at least tacit blessings at this point from the new regime to keep their loot while no one wants to consider Ukraine’s death camps, and the widespread poverty that produced them..”

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