Tim Berners-Lee launches a radical plan to decentralise the World Wide Web, so that users own their data

In an exclusive interview for Fast Company: “We are not talking to Facebook and Google about whether or not to introduce a complete change where all their business models are completely upended overnight. We are not asking their permission.”

He is creating a new company, Inrupt, with a mission – as Fast Company describes it  – to “to turbocharge a broader movement afoot, among developers around the world, to decentralize the web and take back power from the forces that have profited from centralizing it …a digital utopia where individuals control their own data and the internet remains free and open.”

“The company will be the first major commercial venture built off of Solid, a decentralized web platform he and others at MIT have spent years building.”

My reaction: excited would an understatement.

Image: screenshot from Solid website

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