Big energy firms ask for billions from UK taxpayer to build mini nuclear reactors …to be ready mid 2030s

This in a paper by the Expert Finance Working Group on Small Reactors obtained under the Freedom Of Information Act.

The Guardian reports that: “while the report named the companies involved in the mini nuclear projects, it did not specify who was asking for financial support.”

“Of more than 30 British, US and Chinese companies that have expressed an interest in building one in the UK, the majority told the working group that their power stations would be ready to deployed in the 2030s. The companies include UK firms such as Rolls-Royce, Sheffield Forgemasters and Atkins, along with China’s CNNC, US companies NuScale and Westinghouse, and France’s EDF.”

They seek to exploit this government’s willingness to throw public money at large nuclear and shale gas. Solar doesn’t need billions, or even any taxpayer money. It does need the government to mandate payment for electricity generated in solar roofs and exported to the grid – you know, like every other form of generation. As things stand, HMG intends to allow big energy co’s to take that for free.

Image: artists impression on Rolls Royce website

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