$1.45 tn of labelled green bonds and climate-aligned bonds leaves “headroom for huge growth” into 2020s

So the Climate Bonds Initiative reports in its annual state of market report.

Some other key findings:

– USA, China and France are top three countries for labelled green bond issuance, followed by Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Spain, Canada and Mexico

– Fannie Mae is by far the largest green bond issuer with USD37.7bn of outstanding aligned volume, followed by the EIB with USD26bn and Germany’s Kreditanstalt fuer Wiederaufbau (KfW) with USD15.2bn

– Transport is the largest area of potential green bond issuance, withUSD532bn climate-aligned bonds already outstanding. Transport represents 44% of the climate-aligned universe, followed by energy at 23%

– Energy has the highest number of climate-aligned issuers (292) while the buildings sector has the largest number of bonds outstanding (1,843)

The Climate Bonds Initiative puts a brave face on it, but the trend is grindingly linear, and given the imperatives, these new data reinforce recent posts on FutureToday showing the urgent need for green investment to accelerate.

Images: from report

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