Landmark UN scientists’ report confirms ruinous contrast between 1.5˚C & 2˚C global warming 

The IPCC concludes that for 1.5˚C limit, emissions must be cut from 2010 levels by 45% by 2030, and to net zero by 2050 (by 20% and 2075 for 2˚C).

A baby born today may well live more than 100 years, given trends in medicine. But unless the human world is utterly reconfigured before he / she is middle aged, he / she will get to see cannibalism on the streets and many other horrors of a world no longer able to feed or provide water to most of its population. The good news is the reconfiguring is doable, based on my front-line experience in clean energy, and as I endeavour to chronicle on Future Today.

Image: Climate Home

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