Dutch appeals court upholds landmark climate change ruling: government must accelerate emissions cuts

Court backs citizens case that the crisis demands cuts of at least 25% by 2020 from 1990 levels, not the 17% cut the government targets.

The Guardian reports that “the ruling – which was greeted with whoops and cheers in the courtroom – will put wind in the sails of a raft of similar cases being planned around the world, from Norway to New Zealand and from the UK to Uganda.”

“(PM) Rutte’s administration has pledged to reduce emissions by 49% by 2030, but in nearly three decades, the country has so far only cut its emissions by 13%. Since 2012, that figure has barely changed, despite a court ruling for the 25% cut three years ago.”

Image: Urgenda

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  1. Then again, although I’m very happy Marianne won and the effect of the signal cannot be underestimated, I dol think this will lead to nothing. Courts are not going to force politicians because no laws are broken. Paris is an agreement without punishment other than naming and shaming. And which politician cares? If we (the Dutch that is) care so much about the climate we should vote for climate-friendly parties. 75+1 seats in parliament is all it takes to give us the means to make the laws necessary. Alas, history teaches that when voting time comes the economy, traffic jams, the price of fuel, housing, terrorism and immigration are much more important than preventing a slow genocide and leaving a sustainable planet to our children.

    Technically climate change could be mitigated, but I am no longer optimistic.

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