This week’s UN warning of climate chaos: is the total world rewrite they say we need doable?

The UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has issued a landmark report warning that global warming must be kept to 1.5˚C. This would entail a zero carbon world by 2050…..


  1. Excellent summary, @JL. We need to get this out to the pollies and the people, through Main Stream Media. Otherwise, it’s all but hopeless.

  2. Thanks, Jeremy, for another concise summary of the overwhelming logic of renewables. My students get it, but our Australian government & opposition is afraid to let go of the fossil fuel lobby, mistaking a sinking rock for a life buoy. I urge everyone to either vote Green or stand for office themselves.

  3. I do not understand your consistent insistence upon ignoring entirely within your calculations the potential that greater energy efficiency offers . Your slide 5 cop out is absurd.

    1. The solutions are increased renewable production and increased efficiency, they are two sides to the same coin and need examining separately and jointly. Slide 5 and 6 show that the viability of renewable production alone, QED if we then add efficiency to the mix the situation improves even further.

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