1. I quit FB 5 months ago. Zuckerberg is a greedy bastard. It’s all about the money, not morality. BTW, it all started with FB’s power during the Arab Spring.

  2. After all that has been said how can you be so seemingly naive to expect your records be deleted. I suspect that you will simply be denied access.

  3. As soon as I complete a deal with Thermocube in Sth Africa for my PVT innovation, I also plan to scrap Face book, as totaly wasting my time and acheives nothing positive
    Well done Jeremy,

  4. Your spot on, but I gather it’s worse than we realise. I have dubbed it the modern day Doomsday Book.

  5. Good move Jeremy – it seems to be a company where principles and ethics are irrelevant, and that has proven itself repeatedly to not be trustworthy.

    Today even this: https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2018/dec/19/facebook-users-avoid-location-based-ads-settings-investigation-reveals

    I predict litigation similar to what came down on the tobacco industry in future due to the psychological effects it has particularly on youth.

    The real question is, will they truly delete your data, or simply move it into a hidden location and continue to track you through other means?

  6. Jeremy, although I wanted to feel “TL:DR”, I waded through this, and am as disturbed as you were. Will investigate “Solid” (?).
    Is Twitter of the same ilk? Without either, is it back to email?
    Our family uses WhatsApp – should we look for an alternative?
    Is it just “too hard”, and we revert to our private bubbles?

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