Why the UN Secretary-General is right to say that it is “immoral and suicidal” not to accelerate emissions reductions

Some may think that the UN chief is exaggerating the threat of climate change, and that David Attenborough is overly alarmist in warning that the collapse of civilization is on the horizon. This slideshow summarises why that would be a mistake.

And if one accepts that premise, there is an interesting corollary for all people working in the energy industry.

As usual, those who would like to see or use the original powerpoint, with source urls as notes to slides, can do so in this folder.


  1. Excellent and impressive summary.
    I would appreciate receiving a copy of the slideshow ‘immoral and suicidal’ (pdf is fine).
    Thank you.
    Joseph-Simon SMITZ
    University of Liege, Belgium

  2. Thanks, Jeremy, so timely, so needed, we do need to do more to wake up the world! I am so afraid that the most likely scenario we are heading into will be that the transformation of our energy systems towards 100% RE will succeed, as it it is economically beneficial, but it will be too late: in 2050 we might have 80% RE at more than 500 ppm CO2 – how ironic!

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