2018 Q4: A chronology in pictures & charts of developments in climate, energy, tech & the future of civilisation

One person’s collated precis-for-the-busy of the last three months in the related dramas of climate change, energy transition, big tech and the future of civilisation.

The slideshow is derived, as ever, from entries in the Future Today chronology. Those who would like the original powerpoint, with source urls as notes, can find it – with all the other source files, for free use – in .


  1. A fascinating chronology of recent events, as ever.
    The deletion of your Facebook account has made me think…but having finished the slide show, I’m then encouraged to share it via social media, including Facebook. Paradoxical, but I think this is out of your control? It does help to demonstrate how increasingly pervasive the tentacles of these tech giants are. (As was also shown in last night’s Ch4 ‘An Uncivil War’ about Brexit, they’re going to have an increasingly malign impact on our democracy…we need to control them before their domination of us and our systems of governance and policy making becomes a stranglehold.)

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