The Great Global Energy Transition: A report from the front lines as of 31st January 2019

If we look at the total system change going on in energy out of context, the picture could be rosy. But in climate-change context, the transition is not going fast enough. And it is held back by the oil and gas industries’ diehard advocacy of gas, in a world where the IEA tells us the carbon budget is used up, and no more fossil fuel infrastructure of any kind can be built. This presentation considers how and when Big Oil’s rearguard action will stop, and they themselves genuinely begin to transition.

This presentation was delivered at an evening meeting of the Energy Institute’s Young Professionals Network in London on 31st January.

Those who would like the original powerpoint, with source urls as notes, can find it – with all the other source files, for free use – in this folder.


  1. Half natural carbon capture is by marine life, also under threat. Only in its infancy is marine regeneration, including sea-bed agriculture, plantation of sea-grass, corals etc, and undersea structures favoring fish habitats & diverting pollution. As well countering climate change this can also re-establish marine resources, our prime source of foods for the human brain, also under severe threat.

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