“We need to put jobs and poverty at the centre of climate action”: Philip Smith and Jeremy Leggett

To have a realistic chance of avoiding catastrophic climate change, we need to see greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions peaking by 2020 and heading into reverse (UNEP Emission Gap Report 2018). Yet the stark reality is that despite progress toward implementation of the Paris climate agreement and top-billing for climate at gatherings like the World Economic Forum, growth in emissions has resumed.

After a plateau during the global economic downturn, the Global Carbon Project’s latest report forecasts global emissions to be higher than ever this year – an increase of 2.7% on 2017.

As Asia and Africa continue to close the development gap, Europe and the US will need to make deep cuts to lower per capita emissions. Yet in the current political environment, this looks hugely challenging.

You can read the rest of this blog by Philip Smith and Jeremy Leggett for edie.com, as part of Xynteo’s “Europe Delivers” project to redefine growth in Europe, here.

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