Global heating and the climate chaos that results from it: a summary to mark the schoolchildrens’ strike

A slideshow-summary for-the-busy prepared for the team at Solarcentury, as background for our support for the youth strike event on 20th September and the Extinction Rebellion protest on 7th October.

Those who would like the original powerpoint, with source urls as notes, can find it – with all my other source files, for free use – in .


  1. I am proud and appreciative of Legget’s powerful summary of our worldwide predicament.

    I’m proud also of young Gretta, who admonishes us adults for leaving this mess to mere children.

  2. You’re a bloody star Jeremy. Crucial information that you are collating and communicating. Joining the dots and creating a cohesive picture of these ‘wicked’ problems that face us – and the solutions that could help. Thanks so much for making it freely available for others to spread the word.

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