This is one of the most heart-rending scenes I have witnessed in 3 decades of campaigning (13 sec video)

Where indeed is the government?

I find it agonising to imagine being in the minds of these kids. How awfully my generation has let them down. I and many of my compadres have fought for years to save them from the worst excesses of global heating and the climate chaos it causes. But we have been pretty ineffectual, and so many others seem to care little or nothing about their future.

Time to reset the societal rulebook, and let the younger generation have a huge say in that process, I think. The revolution is not going to be pretty. But it must be a revolution.

If you think that statement is too radical, consider the Financial Times as an example of our pivotal, pivoting, times. It now argues that free-enterprise capitalism is broken, in its current form, and needs a complete reset.


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