The Carbon War

Global Warming and the End of the Oil Era

My account (1989-2000) of the first decade of international effort to negotiate a global climate change treaty, as I witnessed it in and around the negotiations. As far as I know, it remains the only eye-witness acount of the climate talks, and the way the fossil-fuel vested-interests (the “carbon club”) tried to derail them.

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Comments on The Carbon War:

Glasgow Herald

Vastly broadens our understanding. For the unscientific, this account of events from the International Panel on Climate Change set up by the United Nations in 1988, to the summit in Kyoto, Japan in 1997, is a revelation. Suddenly the apparently contradictory nature of so much we have heard and read falls into place.

Daily Mail

…a page-turning story in racy prose … the final chapter is not only nail biting, but moves the reader to tears.

Sunday Times

The best book yet about the politics of global warming …essential reading.

New Scientist

Racy… a powerful and highly readable book. Those who want a crash course on the nature of today’s environmental movement and the politics of the climate negotiations can be assured of an excellent, reliable read.


The Carbon War is a must for anyone interested in observing how a few global oil corporations hijacked governments over the climate negotiations.


Provides ample evidence, much of it drawn from the author’s first-hand experience, to support its assertions. Mr Leggett knows both sides of the street.