This site

Climate-change moderation or meltdown, energy sustainability or suicide, tech nirvana or nightmare – all these as-yet unanswered questions are inter-connected in the fate of civilisation, and this website aims to join dots.

After consultations with a good few readers of the earlier website, and a lot of help from a small team of tech-proficient friends, I think I may have figured out the best way to contribute a free-access concise information-sharing resource for the time-constrained on these issues vital to us all. In brief, I will be updating a chronology of selected news and views on a near-daily basis from now on.

The site targets the super-busy who don’t have the few hours I have every day to trawl, distill, and collate. It should be self explanatory on a scan of less than a minute, with maybe a few clicks of content to make it crystal clear in a second minute (I hope). I emphasise that content is eclectic, not comprehensive. It reflects one person’s view of what merits collation, and how dots join. Feedback is welcome of course.

I am very much hoping this contribution will prove to be a useful resource