Top journalists write graphically about their terror of climate meltdown, including deep fears for their children

Jenny Chase of Bloomberg on Twitter: “I think lots of us working in the clean energy industry don’t want to express how afraid we are of climate change, because we’ll be seen as alarmist and self-serving or at least unhelpful. And there’s no good data to calmly cite on how bad it is going to be.” And “Honestly, I fear my daughter will have to kill innocent people or be killed in the struggle over the earth’s shrinking habitable places. But sure, if we rely too much on solar power too fast, we might have the odd blackout. I’m worried about that too. Honest.”

James Murray, in a brutally honest blog on Business Green: “To put it far less eloquently, I’m fucking terrified, and I don’t mind admitting it. …A second lost decade now looms during which a host of inter-locking social, economic, and political crises threaten to create the prime conditions for the short-termist disaster capitalism many of the Brexit elite nakedly long for – a capitalism and form of minimalist governance that has precisely zero time for addressing the complex challenges presented by climate change, automation, and an ageing population.”

As for me, I’m in no mood to try and trump my esteemed colleagues. And in any case, the heat has turned my brain to blancmange.

Images: Scenes from the movie of Cormac McCarthy’s book “The Road”

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  1. We have to respond with hope, and energy to keep resisting, working, and coming together as much as we are each able to do. Not a naive unrealistic silly hope, but a deeply spiritual profound hope. Without hope we are entirely lost, not just in the future but already in the present.

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