Trump says US is “working now on a military plan” based on a national-security need for coal revival

It is “indestructible”, whereas wind turbines and pipelines can be “blown up”. Leaked memo suggests reregulation, enforced purchase.

The FT reports that this argument is being used to justify other Trump actions: on steel and aluminium imports.

“Either Congress, or the courts, or clear evidence that the trade wars are really hurting the economy, could force the administration to change course, but there is no reason to think that any of those possibilities will materialise quickly. Like civilians in the second world war being urged to “produce for victory”, businesses in the US can expect the patriotic appeals to national security to continue.”

Trump’s authoritarian game plan is becoming ever clearer. Fossil energy is in the heart of it ….and renewable energy he positions as an enemy.

Image: screenshot of Time video

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